church for the rest of us


The only thing we’ll ask of you is simple: relax.

You don’t have to dress up. We don’t care who you voted for in the last election. And please, don’t feel the need to pretend about anything. We started EastLake as a safe environment for regular people to explore faith within community. Everyone is welcome here, whatever your story, your questions, doubts or struggles. So come as you are, because that’s where God meets us — as is. From there, we’ll help each other grow to be all God intended us to be.

What To Expect On A Sunday

  • Opening Prayer

  • Songs and Readings

  • Welcome

  • Teaching

  • Reflection and Response

  • Closing Prayer

  • After about 80 minutes, it’s over.

See it at your nearest location.

Who We Are

EastLake is a non-denominational, inter-generational, multi-locational (is that a word?), somewhat disorganized church started by nine friends in 2005.

For us, its all about, all because of, and all for… Jesus. It’s not about buildings with baristas, bowling alleys or bookstores. We want to embody the church Jesus had in mind and he never saw church as a place to go, but as a people… not a religious institution, but a movement of love and hope. We think this whole faith thing is at its best when it motivates selfless service, sacrifice, and love… caring about the things God cares about. As a family of faith, we are committed to dispense hope to our local communities and beyond… standing up for those who live on their knees by both bringing good news and being good news. We were all created to live for something larger than ourselves and God invites everyone, everywhere into this way of living.


EastLake is one church but we meet in multiple locations.

All services are identical in format and content with the teaching portion of the service being shared across all locations via video. Honestly, the whole thing seems a little jumbo-tron-techno-dork to us, but it sure beats building a kajillion dollar facility to hold everyone. All of this just helps us to be more effective in reaching more people, in more places with the good news of God’s love.

What We (aspire to) Believe

We think the world is tired of religious people who claim to believe a list of ideas when those very ideas don’t translate into any kind of personal transformation. Plus, we see belief as a dynamic lived out in reality, which doesn’t translate well into a few paragraphs on a website. The sad truth is, there are days when our lives express our belief in God, and there are other days when our beliefs are merely empty statements we live in spite of. Ultimately, you can find our actual beliefs in the lived out expressions of our collective lives. The statement below is therefore merely that, a statement. Its something you might say we’re relying on, or trusting in. And its something that ultimately we aspire to believe… not just in our hearts and minds, but in the way that we live in this world.


At EastLake, we’re doing our best to imitate the ridiculous love God has for each of us and all of us. Together as a faith community, following on the heels of Jesus, we’re trying to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.

In our view, “Jesus is Lord” should be the defining statement regarding Christian faith and convictions, as it was in the days of the first Apostles who walked with Jesus.

We are ecumenical, meaning we focus on what unites us with other followers of Jesus, as opposed to what divides us. We embrace classical orthodoxy as articulated by the ancient creeds: The Apostle’s Creed & The Nicene Creed. We hold these creeds in common with all Christian tribes across the globe and throughout the ages, yet we acknowledge that they fall woefully short of encompassing the life, teachings and example of Jesus.

Ultimately, we believe Jesus is the Authority and Scripture is authoritative. We believe it is precisely this following of Jesus— not simply the Bible in a general sense, but Jesus in particular— that will move us toward His countercultural Way of limitless forgiveness, radical acceptance, nonviolent peacemaking and sacrificial love, while at the same time, moving us away from religious systems as our pathway to God.

“Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end.” (Hebrews 2:12, TEV)

We believe that we (the Church universal) are His redemptive embodiment here and now, fueled by His Spirit, to join Him in the renewal and reconciliation of all things.

Finally,  for beliefs to have any real meaning, they must impact our material existence. And because we believe that God is ever in the process of reshaping our theology, we strive toward unity in the essentials; freedom in nonessentials; and in all things, love.